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  1. For students who need the LLM to qualify for the New York bar exam, NYU is prepared to help. The Law School consults with the New York Court of Appeals to identify classes that meet bar eligibility requirements, and offers comprehensive advice gleaned from years of experience working with students to achieve this goal. To date, a broad range of more than 50 NYU Law classes have been approved by the Court to satisfy requirements for eligibility
  2. imum of 24 credits completed in classroom courses at the law school in substantive and procedural law and professional skills. Of those, 12 credits must be in American law, distributed as follows
  3. e your Eligibility. The New York State Board of Law Exa
  4. Using an LL.M. to sit the New York bar exam. New York is commonly known as the most popular state for foreign law students to sit the bar, since the state has a reputation for friendliness towards foreign lawyers. In fact, students who attended a three-year law school in an English-speaking, common law country are often eligible to sit the bar without even pursuing an LL.M

If you are a foreign law graduate who also has an LLM degree from an ABA accredited law school(without a Juris Doctorate from an ABA law school), you can qualify to take the New York bar exam even if you do not satisfy one of the substantive or durational equivalency requirements (but not if you do not satisfy both of them). 2. Foreign Attorney Qualified by Law Study in School or Law Offic As of August 2018, candidates for admission to the New York bar must show competency to provide legal services in New York State (§520.18 of the Rules of the New York State Court of Appeals for the Admission of Attorneys and Counselors at Law). At this time, to establish competency NYU Law LLM students must use the pathways described in subsections (a)(4)and (a)(5) of the Rule; these pathways allow candidates to establish competence before or after the LLM through legal apprenticeship or. Though our LLM is not primarily designed to be a preparatory program leading to legal practice in the United States, some of our graduates decide to sit for a U.S. bar exam. In the past seven years, our LLM New York Bar passage rate has been close to 100%, as compared to the national average of foreign-educated candidates, which is less than 50% Section 520.6 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals for the Admission of Attorneys and Counselors at Law (22 NYCRR 520.6) contains the eligibility requirements for applicants who wish to qualify for the New York State bar examination based on the study of law in a foreign country. Rule 520.6 also incorporates by reference provisions from Rule 520.3. Compliance with the requirements of the Rules of the Court of Appeals must be proven to the satisfaction of the Board before an applicant may be. Wie eine Stück Vieh wird man zwei Tage lang durch das Javits Center in Manhattan geschleust, beschreibt Marie ihre Eindrücke vom Bar Exam in New York. Wie jährlich knapp einhundert andere Deutsche hat sich die LL.M.-Absolventin für die Anwaltsprüfung entschieden

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Aufgebaut ist das US Bar Exam in eine zweitägige Prüfung, bei der 250 Multiple Choice Fragen und mehrere Klausuren zu ungefähr 20 Rechtsgebieten anstehen. Dies stellt sich für die meisten Teilnehmer deutlich schwieriger heraus als gedacht, weshalb ein Repetitor von den meisten so wärmstens empfohlen wird Page 2 of 3 D. Subjects tested on New York Bar Exam [Rule 520.6(b)(3)(vi)(d) requires a minimum of 6 credits] Course Title. Credit Hours . E. Course Titl An applicant may take the NYLE during the 3L year in the fall (September, December), the spring (March), or just before the July bar exam (June). The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), see http://www.nybarexam.org/UBE/UBE.html. The application window for the UBE (the July bar) is April 1 through April 30

Individuals with, for example, a two-year common law degree or even a three-year degree in civil law should still apply with the NYSBOLE to see if they are eligible to take the bar exam after completing a Master of Laws (LLM) program in the US. Because the LLM programs typically take one year they are significantly less expensive and time consuming that a further three years of legal study in the US and proof that taking the New York Bar as a foreign lawyer is an attainable goal Like the New York State Court of Appeals, we are also satisfied that the administration of an online bar exam was successful. Since the administration of an online exam was successful, we believe that LL.M. students should be allowed to sit for the February 2021 Bar Exam Firstly, you have to pass the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) and this is what most people call the 'bar exam'. The UBE is administered two times per year (in February and July), and it consists of..

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  1. Master the bar exam with our LL.M and international student focused Bar Review. Attend live lectures online. If you miss a session, catch up with on demand videos. New York UBE LL.M. From $2199. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more. See Schedules. California LL.M
  2. If not, please see the LLM New York Bar Handbook for guidance on how to fulfill the above requirements. If so, then you are ready to apply for admission to the New York Bar. Here are the steps: Step One: Review all of the requirements for bar admission and the admission multi-pack Every requirement for admission, including required documents, can be found on the New York State Board of Law.
  3. Most of the LLM graduates who take a bar exam do so in the state of New York. In order to qualify LLM students to sit for the exam, the LLM program must follow certain curricular requirements such as completing at least 24 hours of credits in Law School courses including several mandatory subjects

Compare New York bar admission and Cambridge LLM degree.Discover the benefits and requirements of taking NY bar exam and studying for Cambridge LLM.Would New.. The #1 Bar Exam Prep course. BarMax licenses only real BAR questions for best experience. Maximum value with instant lifetime access to BAR course For additional information and an overview, read about NY Bar Eligibility and Steps to NY Bar Admission in the LLM Student Handbook. Other State Bar Exams . If you are interested in taking the bar exam of a state other than New York, you should carefully review bar eligibility requirements in that jurisdiction. For information about state bar requirements, visit the National Conference of Bar. The New York State Board of Law Examiners Operating under the auspices of the New York State Court of Appeals, the New York State Board of Law Examiners is responsible for administering the bar examination to candidates seeking admission to practice law in the State of New York. The Board has been in existence for over a hundred years, having been created by the New York State Legislature in 1894


Many classes satisfy eligibility requirements for the New York bar exam. The Graduate Division. Faculty directors will guide you towards academic and professional success. The Office of Career Services and the Public Interest Law Center will help you take the next step in your career Bar Review; LLM; MPRE; Law School; Pass Rates; Blog; The New York Bar Exam Our comprehensive New York bar review course offers everything you need to succeed on your bar exam. Buy now, pay later with Learn more. July 2021 Course Schedule. Themis Bar Review can help you pass the bar! Our nationally renowned bar review course has a few features we'd like to take a minute to brag about. More Info. Prospective applicants for the New York bar examination who are pursuing a Juris Doctor degree at a law school approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) should be aware that the requirements of Rule 520.3 may be more restrictive than the ABA standards. Graduation from an ABA approved law school does not automatically qualify an applicant to sit for the New York bar examination. Approved. JD New York Bar Examination Application (Certificate of Attendance & Handwriting Specimen) If students have any questions regarding sections 1-11, please contact the LLM Office. The completed form must be emailed to the Registrar's Office (registrar@law.fordham.edu) on the third Monday in May for the July Bar Exam. The deadline for submissions for the February Bar is February 1st. New York.

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New York Bar Exam for foreign lawyers admission requirements. You will need to complete the following to fulfill the requirements for admission as a New York lawyer: (i) New York Law Examination (NYLE): It comprises of 50 multiple-choice questions. It is a two-hour open-book test and can be completed online. You can sit this exam four times annually. The New York Law Course prepares you for. NEW YORK BAR EXAMINATION New York State Board of Law Examiners 254 Washington Avenue Extension LLM or Master of Laws program at an approved law school in the United States pursuant to the cure provision. V. CURE PROVISION (Rule 520.6 [b] [1] [ii] and 520.6 [b] [2]) An applicant, whether educated in a Common Law or non-common law country, whose legal education is not of. New York Bar Examination: Rules for Foreign-Educated Lawyers. The New York State Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) is responsible for administering the New York State Bar exam. Their website is the official source for information for the New York Bar. The following summary is simply provided as a guide. Eligibility to sit for the New York Bar exam based on foreign legal education . Section. The LL.M. Programs are not specifically designed as a U.S. bar exam preparation course; however, after graduating from the program, many of our students sit for the New York bar exam. We urge students interested in taking a U.S. bar exam to review the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements , which lists the bar eligibility requirements of the 50 states and the District of Columbia A U.S. Bar Examination | University of Chicago Law School. Completion of the LL.M. degree in itself does not guarantee eligibility to take a bar examination.In some states, including New York, California, and Texas, the completion of an LL.M. degree along with certain other criteria will allow attorneys with a non-U.S. law degree to sit for the bar exam

UConn Law LLM students typically plan to sit for the Connecticut or New York bar examination. New York has a complex process and students interested in sitting for the New York bar are strongly encouraged to review the New York Board of Law Examiners web page before leaving their home countries. Note especially the section Advance Evaluation of Eligibility. This section describes the process. This LLM program is designed for international law graduates who seek an academic program in order to qualify to take the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE).An applicant who has studied in a foreign country may qualify to take the Uniform Bar Exam to practice in New York state by submitting to the New York State Board of Law Examiners satisfactory proof of the legal education as required by Part 520.6 of. Group D: subjects tested on the New York State bar examination (6 credits) * Please note that sometimes course numbers and titles change from year to year: only classes with titles AND course numbers identical to those below have been approved by the NY Ct. of Appeals to count toward eligibility requirements

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California and New York Bar Exam Eligibility. Enrollment in an LLM degree does not guarantee that you will be eligible to take a U.S. bar exam or practice law in the United States. You should review the requirements set by each state in which you wish to sit for the exam. The American Bar Association's Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements provides additional information. USC Gould. While we provide you with the required courses to satisfy the eligibility and admissions requirements to sit for New York's bar exam, we make no representation or guarantee that any student or graduate of our LLM Program for International Lawyers will be qualified or eligible to sit for the New York or any other state bar examination. Required Courses. Introduction to U.S. Law and the Legal.

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Depending on their previous legal training and experience, LLM graduates may be eligible to take a bar examination in the U.S. Even if your goal is to take the New York or California bar exam, you may still study for your LLM degree in Hawai'i. We can help you plan your U.S. law study so you can meet the course requirements of the bar exam you wish to take Category: Bar Exam Tags: bar exam, bar exam preparation, New York Bar admission, NY bar, NY bar admission, NY bar exam, passing bar exam, SCOTUS bar admission, US Supreme Court Bar admission, US Supreme Court Bar license. New York Bar vs. Cambridge LLM: Who & Why Ultimately Won. Updated May 11, 2021 by Dmytro Biryuk Leave a Commen Bar Exam. Our courses, approved by the American Bar Association, meet the curriculum requirements for jurisdictions that allow international lawyers with an LLM degree to sit for the bar examination. Previous Wake Forest Law LLM graduates have taken the exam in California, Georgia, New York, and Washington D.C.—to name a few

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  1. If you hold a first degree in law from outside of the U.S., you can participate in two LLM-exclusive job fairs in New York and Los Angeles during the year. These career fairs provide foreign-trained students from top law schools with the opportunity to interview with prospective employers from the U.S. and abroad. You also will be able to attend USC Gould Continuing Legal Education conferences.
  2. To obtain an LLM degree, students must complete at least 35 but no more than 45 approved quarter units of course work. At least 26 of these units must be in Law School courses; however, see below for the policies and limitations on enrolling in courses from elsewhere in the University, and see the section on the California or New York Bar Exam for special unit requirements for students.
  3. California, New York, Washington and Wisconsin make it easy, but each state still has specific requirements. Georgia changed its rules earlier this year to join the list. 1 | California. The California State Bar grants foreign law school graduates eligibility to take the bar exam if they have earned an LL.M. degree or an additional one-year of study at an ABA-approved or California-accredited.

For applicants interested in admission to the New York Bar: The New York Court of Appeals has instituted a requirement that students seeking admission to the New York bar must also satisfy a Skills Competency Requirement (in addition to all existing bar admission requirements). This requirement was effective as of August 1, 2018 for LL.M. students who plan to qualify for the bar exam using. This is an open session for LLM students planning to take the bar exam. Presentation will be focused on New York and California and then open time for questions

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  1. imum of 24 credit hours (usually but not necessarily in an LL.M. program) at an ABA-approved law school involving at least two basic subjects.
  2. ers ad
  3. ation or to practice law in the United States. Eligibility, however, has been extended in the past in the the states of New York and California dependent on meeting some specific criteria. Please refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements a
  4. Law School Dean of Students Marcia L. Sells addressed the limitations on the New York bar exam in an email to the Class of 2020 on Saturday and assured students of the school's continued efforts.
  5. Apart from New York and California, an LLM degree would also allow a foreign-trained lawyer to give the bar exam in the state of Washington and Wisconsin. The twenty-nine remaining states where foreign-trained lawyers are eligible to take the bar exam establish a variety of requirements that are needed to be fulfilled in order to appear in the bar exam. Each state's requirements shall be.
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LLM students in the Fashion Law program will study with the most distinguished faculty in the discipline, including both academics and industry insiders—in New York City, a capital of the world's fashion industry. You will explore what we've defined as the four pillars of fashion law: Intellectual property; Business and finance, including areas such as investment, employment law, and. 因為新冠肺炎的關係,我今年(2020年)即將成為美國紐約州律師(New York Bar)線上宣誓的一員! 但其實要成為美國紐約州律師有一條漫長的路要走。 第一, 要念個JD 或LLM(燒錢之旅) Ein knappes Jahr an der New York University ist eine prägende Erfahrung - juristisch, persönlich, finanziell. Wenn Jonas Hein auf seine Zeit im Big Apple zurückblickt, erscheint ihm die Stadt, die ihm erlaubt hat einer der ihren zu sein, fern und unwirklich. Hier schildert er seine Erlebnisse mit hohen Mieten, vollen Seminaren und wissenschaftlichen Publikationen während des LL.M. Studiums Das LLM Program for International Lawyers verfügt über zwei alternative Tracks. Track 1: Immersion in US Law for Foreign Lawyers. Dieser Track ist für Juristinnen und Juristen konzipiert, die spezifische Kenntnisse der US-amerikanischen Rechtsordnung erwerben und ggf. das U.S. bar exam absolvieren möchten

  1. List of LLM Entrance Exams. Some of the most sought after entrance exams in India include: Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT) All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) Law School Admission Test (LSAT India) Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test (IPU CET) Delhi University LLM Entrance Test (DU LLM) TISS NET; BHU PET; AP LAWCET; TS LAWCET; CUSAT CET; CUCET; LLM Entrance Exam: Common-Law Admissio
  2. g bar exam online in October 5-6. The announcement comes one week after the state canceled the in-person exam set for September out of public health concerns stem
  3. LLM BAR EXAM LLC. LLM BAR EXAM LLC (DOS ID: 3858841) was incorporated on 09/22/2009 in New York. Their business is recorded as DOMESTIC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.The Company's current operating status is Activ
  4. ers requires foreign students who obtain an LLM or JSM in the United States to complete: 3 quarter units of Introduction to American Law ; 3 quarter units of Professional Responsibility; 3 quarter units of legal research, writing and analysis; a
  5. ers can deter
  6. ation. Individualized Career Guidance . For our in-person students, our Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP) helps students navigate their careers by offering individualized guidance in defining their.
  7. ation are now similar to the rules of the New York Bar; the Texas Bar is now one of the most accessible U.S. bars for foreign lawyers who are either licensed to practice in their own country or have a first professional degree in law from a Common Law.

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This makes our LLM program one of the most affordable in the United States. While the average passage rate of foreign-educated test-takers on the New York Bar Exam is less than 50 percent, in the past eight years, our LLM passage rate has been close to 100 percent. Our passage rate for the Louisiana Bar Exam is also close to 100 percent The bar exam is just the first step toward your admission to becoming an attorney in New York State. After passing the bar exam, you will have to apply for admission in the respective Appellate Division. The application for admission represents a whole new challenge for international LL.M. students, as it once again requires us to submit paperwork from our home country. We have talked about. As an integral part of the program, the LLM Public Service Program provides students with important opportunities to develop their professional skills while learning more about the communities that exist beyond the walls of Penn Carey Law as well as supporting students seeking to satisfy the New York Bar pro bono requirement. LLM students have. Part Two: Bar Review Course Curriculum (March-July for the July Bar Exam or November-February for the February Bar Exam) Themis LL.M. Advantage™ includes access to a complete Themis Bar Review Course for California, District of Columbia, New York, Texas, or Washington, including

New York Bar Admission vs. Cambridge LLM Degree: Who & Why Ultimately Won In New York, for example, all first-time foreign LL.M. bar applicants must complete an online Foreign Evaluation Form before applying to sit for the New York bar examination. This form and all of the required documentation is due to the Board at least six months prior to the first day of the application filing period for the desired exam Beginning in August 2018, candidates for admission to the New York bar must show competency to provide legal services in the state of New York in order to meet the Skills Competency and Professional Values Bar Admission Requirement under rule 520.18. Please note that this requirement is a requirement for admission (finalizing bar membership) and is not a prerequisite for eligibility to take. The New York Bar Exam is a two-day exam - Tuesday and Wednesday - with the New York subjects on Tuesday and the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) on Wednesday. On the first day, there are three essay questions and 50 New York multiple choice questions in the morning session. In the afternoon, there are two essay questions and a 90- minute MPT (Multi-State Performance test) question. The second day. Easiest Bar Exams to Pass . If you're wondering what states have the easiest bar exams, stick to the heartland. South Dakota ranks as the state with the easiest exam, followed by Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa. There are fewer law schools in these states (South Dakota only has one, and Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa each have two), meaning that there are generally fewer law graduates who take.

4)第四封全文摘录如下,据此我理解我的BAR EVALUATION可以暂时告一段落了,希望没出啥岔子。 According to our records, it now appears that the Board is in receipt of all required foreign documents to begin review of your eligibility to sit for the New York State bar examination. Your file will now be processed Been awarded a Master of Law degree (LLM) based on a minimum of 20 semester or equivalent units of legal education. That education should include no fewer than a total of 12 semester or equivalent units with a minimum of one course in four separate subjects tested on the California Bar Examination. One of the four courses must be Professional Responsibility that covers the California Rules of. New York bar takers should make note of this letter containing important information concerning misconduct at the bar examination.. New York instituted a pro bono requirement for bar admission. All applicants who seek admission to the New York Bar, with the exception of admission on motion applicants, are required to complete 50 hours of qualifying pro bono work New York and New York State Skills Competency Requirement:. New York is a UBE jurisdiction, but also imposes additional requirements. Besides passing the bar exam, you must also certify 50 pro bono hours and pass the New York Law Exam (NYLE). The New York Law Exam is offered four times per year, and requires you to register in advance, and to complete the New York Law Course.The application.

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Berkeley Law LL.M. (Master of Laws) is a general degree designed to prepare foreign lawyers for global practice. Our curriculum provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of U.S. law while allowing for customization based on individual interests Whether you are a qualified lawyer in a jurisdiction outside of the U.S considering sitting for a U.S. state bar exam, a LL.M. student at a U.S. law school or you just want more time to study due to other commitments, the Extended U.S. Bar Prep course offers the support and flexibility you need to pass the California Bar Exam, the New York Bar Exam or any U.S. state that administers the.

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Can I see my New York bar exam score? Yes. Candidates will be notified by email when results are published. The day results are released you will be able look up your score. Can I appeal to have my New York bar exam re-graded? No. If your initial score was 262 to 265 your test will be re-graded by additional graders. Your two scores will be. I want to sit for the New York Bar Exam after my LLM from Duke. What should I do now? Many Duke LLM graduates choose to take the New York Bar Exam. Duke's curriculum is specifically designed to allow you to take the New York Bar, assuming your previous legal education meets some basic requirements such as the appropriate length of time of study. Please note that the New York Bar has.

Bar prep can feel like a daunting experience, but it doesn't have to be that way. Whether you are a first-time taker, a re-taker, or an international LLM student, I have helped students, just like you, achieve higher scores on the MBE, write stronger essays and responses on the performance test, and understand difficult substantive legal concepts The LL.M. program at Yale Law School is not designed to prepare students to take the New York State Bar Examination. A student perspective on the LLM program, constitutional law, and the community at Yale Law School. Graduate Student Life. Alumni Profiles . Read Our Stories . JSD . Michaela Hailbronner . Humboldt Research Fellow, Institute for International and Comparative Law in Africa. Because the New York Bar requires more documentation than other jurisdictions, NY bar applicants should also visit the New York Bar page after reviewing the information contained here. Application for Disability-Related Accommodations. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements and deadlines to request testing accommodations for the bar exam. Albany, New York 12207 . Dear Chief Judge DiFiore: We are deans of non-New York based law schools who have among the most substantial numbers of students who sit for the bar in your state each year. Collectively, the undersigned schools had over two thousand JD and LLM graduates take the New York bar exam in 2019. We write in response to you Many LLM in American Law students have the goal of passing a US state bar exam. While the LLM in American Law Program is not specifically designed to prepare students to take a state bar exam in the United States, the program's flexible curriculum will enable you to design a course of study leading to a high-level understanding of the US legal system. The program director is available to.

We are pleased to welcome back Brian Hahn to the Bar Exam Toolbox. Brian is the founder of Make This Your Last Time, and is a second-time passer of the California bar exam and is here today to share five things he did differently the second time around taking the bar exam.Welcome, Brian! The thing about reality is that your brain doesn't notice it until it's wrapped tightly around your. Currently, the LLM program is compliant with the New York Bar's requirements for foreign educated lawyers; individuals may be eligible to take the bar exam in other U.S. jurisdictions with their Illinois LLM and should consult with the Office of Graduate and International Programs. How do I contact someone regarding the LLM program? Call, write, or email us at: Office of Graduate and. Students may enroll in preparatory bar exam courses, which cover topics tested on the federal and (Florida) state portions of the bi-annual bar exam. This is of particular interest to LL.M. students wishing to sit for a U.S. bar exam, for instance the New York or California bar exams, as the federal portion of the bar exam is the same in all. The remote administration of the October 2020 examination for New Jersey bar admission is not the full Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) and, therefore, does not provide a portable UBE score. However, Supreme Court order, dated July 15, 2020, authorizes the Board or Bar Examiners to work with other states to enter into agreements to provide limited portability of scores earned on the remote. Information about individual state Bar Exam requirements can be found at ncbex.org. Please keep in mind that Harvard Law School's process of providing accommodations is not necessarily reflective of the process for receiving testing accommodations on the Bar Exam. Each state has its own requirements and due dates to request accommodations. Please contact Accessibility Services at 617-495-1880 o

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Chart 9: Bar Examination Application Deadlines and Fees: Chart 10: Grading and Scoring: Chart 11: Additional Pre- or Post-Admission Requirements and Continuing Legal Education: Chart 12: Admission on Motion —Years of Practice and Definition of Practice: Chart 13: Admission on Motion —Legal Education and Reciprocity Requirements: Chart 14: Other Licenses and Registrations: NCBE Publications. 以下はLLM留学のカウンセリングとは直接関係ないのですが情報提供しておきます。司法試験の予備校の方がより詳細で具体的な情報を持っていると思われます。 最近ニューヨーク州の司法試験(New York Bar)を受験する規則が矢継ぎ早に変わっています。特に、法曹資格を有していない法務部員や. LLM Exam Takers and Foreign-Trained Lawyers. Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Unique Study Systems. In addition to devising the MPT-Matrix™ system for common law office tasks and the MPT, and the Under-Here-Therefore™ legal writing system for the essays, Dr. Gallagher has developed other new methodologies. One helps bar candidates raise their scores on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE. You may have heard this news from other sources such as your commercial bar review course, or directly from the New York Board of Law Examiners via their Applicant Services Portal: the New York Board of Law Examiners (NY BOLE) announced yesterday that 1) New York will administer the July 2021 Uniform Bar Exam remotely; and 2) it will cap bar exam applications at 10,000

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Some states like New York and California operate a relatively open policy in permitting foreign law graduates or lawyers to sit their bar examination and do not impose restrictions to admission on grounds of nationality or residence. Learn more about foreign law graduate, lawyer or U.S. LL.M. student U.S. bar exam eligibility No Estado de Nova York, um dos mais populares entre os alunos estrangeiros, estudantes dos cursos de LL.M podem ser elegíveis para prestar o Bar Exam. Passar nesse teste, no entanto, é só a primeira etapa para poder exercer a profissão nos EUA. Estudantes que queiram advogar nos EUA precisam passar por uma série de testes e certificações para poder advogar. Para entender melhor o. Average salary for LLM Bar Exam Legal Editor in New York City: $66,491. Based on 1 salaries posted anonymously by LLM Bar Exam Legal Editor employees in New York City

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